Saturday, January 26


I tried to tweak the design, and I don't really like it. Tell me if you like it.
ǝqnɔɹǝdʎɥ ǝɥʇ
To make upside down text: Tools Geek

[EDIT] 1/27/13 (The next day): I changed it back.

Friday, January 25

It Must Be Done

Hey guys and gals! is a loooong domain name. So I shall be renaming it "" in the near future! And also, thanks to the awesome people at Google, even if you type in "" it will redirect you to the new site!

--.--|             |   |                              |         
  |  |---.,---.    |---|,   .,---.,---.,---.,---..   .|---.,---.
  |  |   ||---'    |   ||   ||   ||---'|    |    |   ||   ||---'
  `  `   '`---'    `   '`---||---'`---'`    `---'`---'`---'`---'

Monday, January 21

Snow and BTW

We have only had two other snows this entire winter, so when I go out side and it appears to be snowing, I get a bit exited, unlike these people apparently(see right). I really hope I get a delay of school. BTW don't worry, I made sure I flushed an ice cube down the toilet.

It upsets me enough that people say B-T-W in real life, but once I heard someone say be-tee-dubs. I... I can't... just...