Wednesday, February 23

Car-Camp thingy

So, last night me and my mom decided to camp out... here's the catch- In a car! We brought in a blow up mattress, sleeping bags, 2 blankets, 3 pillows, Mom's phone, and my iPod. It was awesome! we went to Burger King for dessert (Hershey sundae pie slices and  funnel sticks!) and although my nose froze to death, I was pretty warm. (by the way, I also dressed Warmly) If any one wants to do this here is some tips.

  • Dress warm with jacket/sweatshirt
  • Ware heavy socks 
  • bring some sort of entertainment
  • Bring lots of blankets!
  • Bring sleeping bags
  • Make sure there is a lot of room in the back of the car
  • make sure the back seats go down
  • NOT NEEDED: blow up mattress
  • Have fun!
Wow, that last one was cheesy.Bye!

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