Tuesday, February 15

Entry 2

I’ve made it through the first summer and winter yet it was full of hard work and dedication. Our governor, (Governor Moore) had recently posted new laws because of our food shortage. One was that you must work for 14 hours to get food! Everyone wants to get rid of that guy. Some people think he is hoarding supplies for his own personal use. I've seen an increasing number of people wanting to revolt Moore. There has been Suggestions to run him out of town and even one guy said he should be tarred and feathered! I don’t know about Moore, but I am very glad to have survived a whole year! I’ve been so lucky, yet I think I've earned the food. I have done my daily 14 hours.


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  1. This blog entry reminds me of something I heard last night on a radio show I really like called "This American Life." They were recording a writer's meeting at The Onion (satirical newspaper), and one of the headlines they liked was "Thirsty Mayor Accused of Drinking Town's Entire Water Supply."

    Thanks for the blog entry, Sean!