Saturday, February 26

The Hypercube Review: Threat Level Midnight

Yes, the hyper cube review doesn't only do websites, it also does so much more! This is a great Film from the show the office yet It was kind of a joke. I am going to review it as if it were a real movie. Director Michael Scott Worked on this piece for 11 years Because along with a great movie he also made the "Scarn". Moves:
Jump to the right and shake a hand
jump to the left and shake that hand
meet new friends (shake both arms)
tie that yarn (pretend your tied yarn) 
and thats how you Do the Scarn!

It is about a secret agent who is retired with a robot servant But then the president calls and needs agent Scarn to defeat golden face. he dose it, but not without attempting to become a play in the hockey all-star game because the bomb was in the puck! It was terrific! Visit  Threat Level for more details.   

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