Sunday, March 13

Cube Talk: Barbra H

Cube Talk is a new program for The Hypercube. It is where anybody could be asked to be interviewed. It could be someone you know, or someone you don't. Any way its time for numero uno.

An interview with Barbra H. Student in college yet teacher in preschool.

Hypercube trained reporter, Sean H: What is it like being on the other side of the classroom? 

Barbra H: It has been a learning experience for me, to now be a student after all these years.  Having to study and do readings for class and write term papers and preparing projects, has made me remember my days from college.   In some ways, it has been easier, because I'm older now and have a different perspective. 

Have you ever criticized your teacher if he/she makes a mistake and said, "If I were teaching I would have done that right"?

Mostly, my professors have been really good and I've learned a lot from them, not just in the area of content, but also in the delivery of the information.  But I did have one professor who seemed a little disconnected, for example:  he wanted us to sign up in pairs to present information for an upcoming class but choose to pass around the sign up sheet while we watched a video during class.  This was a bit awkward because the students didn't really have an opportunity to talk with each other to make the pairs and some people didn't really know who they would be working with.  It just seemed like an odd way to do that.  

How is college different from when you were younger and went to college? 

I think the biggest difference is that when I was younger, I lived on campus and college really was my life for four years -- I lived there, ate there, socialized there, learned there, breathed there.  Now college is just a piece of my life, is a part of what I'm doing but not as all consuming as it was when I was an undergrad student.  Now being responsible for a family and a career and other volunteer things, there is a different perspective.  

Do you have friends that you like to hang out with? 

Our program is called an educational cohort model, which means that all the classes that we take for the 2 year duration will be taken with the same 6 classmates (although we sometimes combine with another cohort of 7 students).  Since the first course, we have become closer friends -- usually after class we will go out and relax for a bit to catch up on what is going on in our lives and have talked about getting together outside of school as well. 

Well, I think that pretty much wraps it up. Thank you Barbra.

Thank you, Sean!

Well that was fun! by the way, best card in any card game ever:

Charlie Sheen.

Oh, yeah.

What it says when it defeats a creature? Duh, winning!


  1. I'm looking forward to more interviews- I liked this one a lot. and I laughed aloud at the card ^_^ (this is your cuz)