Saturday, April 2


Today, in the marathon, I shall tell you about something serious. If I had a nickel for every time I say that, I'd have one nickel. Which is sadly more than I have now. You see I donated all my money to a charity called heifer. I kind of regret it but then I remembered the story of the man with only a dollar to his name, yet he donated it. Anyway, on Sunday, I'm fundraising again (last week I got $140 dollars) by siting in a rocking chair (that is where they got the name Rock-o-thon) at my church from 7 am to 3 pm and hoping that people will give the money they said they would give (hopefully,  nobody will try to not pay to save some cash (don't worry, we have proof that they said they would pay)). But it isn't like there is nothing to do, my friends will be there, I can do my homework, who knows, maybe I will make a new post (probably not, because I would have to borrow my mom's laptop). Why stop there though? Well, I didn't! We have all ready raised enough money to go on a mission trip called Wanakee! It is a farm where we do  A LOT of manual labor! IT IS GOING TO BE SO AWESOME! What, you didn't think an eleven-year-old comedy blogger could be so charitable? Well now you know. Well thats all for now, folks!

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