Thursday, June 28

Friday MGW: Viral Videos

I just love them. Some of the best moments ever, caught on tape. They can be funny, amazing, cute, or something in between. Viral Videos! At the tippy top is an awesome random thing that happened to a couple of (assuming drunk) people. All I can say about this video is: "ITS A GHOST BAWL!" Please take the time to watch this one. Its very short only 30 seconds long and it is hilarious.

Our next video is a compilation of news screw-ups and its a bit longer at 6 1/2 minutes. My favorite BY FAR is at 2:38 so if you can't watch the whole thing, take 5 seconds out of your precious time to see this and laugh your head off. Literally, your head will com off if you watch this. JK. Oh, you don't know what JK is. WELL YOU ARE NOT HIP! Just kidding. No, that's what it means, just kidding. You still aren't hip. Sorry. BYE!

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