Tuesday, July 24

Honey Bunches of Posts

I haven't posted in... 3 weeks? 3! That amount of weeks is weak. Sorry. About the not often posts and the cheesy play on words. The worst part is is that I have had a million ideas for post. Now commencing post overload in three... two... one...
No. 1
Have you ever noticed that stupid Totinos commercial where the kid says "Mom we're starving" Mom: "No you're not you're just hungry" NO KIDDING MOM
No. 2
I got these new socks because they were the only socks you can wear with my new shoes...

Yeah, uh, I don't think... yeah.
No. 3
Every store / restaurant has a "catch phrase" if you will, except Burger King...

Okay, so that wasn't a million posts but I swear I am forgetting a couple. Maybe there will be a part two!

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