Sunday, June 24

Sunday MGW: Sports

Hello and welcome to Me Gusta Week (MGW)! If you don't know what this is click here. This first topic is SPORTS. They entertain me for hours upon hours. I like playing sports and watching sports. I play soccer (I'm on two teams this season) and crew (I don't know if crew counts) and I'm planning on playing lacrosse next season. I watch football, baseball and just a small bit of basketball. My favorite sport to watch is football. I think I like it because I know everything about it. My favorite sport that I play is soccer and that is most likely because I have been playing for about seven years. Crew I have done for one year and then lacrosse I have done for negative one year so soccer takes the prize! I also just enjoy soccer the best (so far). That is pretty much all I have to say about that subject so all in all, Me Gusta Sports (or in Spanish, deportes)! BYE!

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