Wednesday, June 27

Wednesday MGW: Pets

Hello again guys. Hey... why do I always say guys when there are girls/women reading this. Sorry. I will now call you guys n' gals. Today we will be talking about pets. In particular, my pets. Why not start with my dog, Carly. Well, where to start. A couple nights ago there was a thunderstorm and dogs have always been known for freaking out for those, especially my dog. So anyway, I literally had a dream about having to comfort her. She is the kind of dog who likes to just be lazy on her bed, or running laps around the back yard. Off to my next pet, my fat cat Peanut. While Carly does a variety of laziness and being active, Peanut does nothing but relax on my bed and near the food bowl. Meowing for long periods of time. MEEOOOOW! That pretty much sums up Peanut. Now to Jelly, my other cat. (Get it, Peanut and Jelly?) She is the complete opposite of Peanut in that she is always active and never takes naps. She just runs... BYE!

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